Wild Night

In the wilds of a violent night
When keen winds draw my mind away
And the stars scream at me, strongly
From my bedside I smell Africa!

In the desolation of my Soul
From the haunted streets and pavements
As polluted rain falls on me, tainting
I remember my far-seeing eye.

By a lamp in the dark
At a desk, with pencil scrawling
I try to find my sanity and
Throw doors open wide!

From a rift within my forehead
I can feel the power pushing
Erupting out and reaching up to know
That dark, wild, scented solitude.

Awake from slumber, my Spirit
Flees; my Soul sucks in eternal breath
And spirals outwards, tumbling
To be welcomed home again.

The voices roaring in my ears
Of celestial music trumpeting my return
Cosmic shaking of old friend’s hands
Who urge me on towards the Master.

Leaping up long winding steps
Each tread, a distant galaxy
Accompanied by shooting stars
The spatial Hymn throbs louder

So on again and on again
Followed by the hosts of light
The Lord’s servants running on ahead
They lead my up towards the Hall.

And now the entrance to the Throne,
Strange, yet familiar to us all
The Golden King beyond it dwells
Yet t’is my own home street –
– my own front door.

September 1985

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