Spatial Deeps

Each person’s Soul shines, shines
brightly, like a star
And there are countless millions in the sky.
It should make this world so bright, clear, yet
Between each lies vast chasms like
Unplumbed depths of night.
Oblivious of warmth, comfort,
Who knows how to bridge this gap?

Ride, riding hurled and dazed upon Intergalactic
Winds, sweeping the Cosmos
Moving from point to point, light to light,
Trying, try to fill the gap
If only briefly, moving on,
On, even if you want to,
Need to, stay; feeling close to one
Whose Soul sings sweetly, sweetly.

If you try to anchor, stop or stem the tide
To stay by one such star,
Still at your nearest point there
Would be, remain, this chasm.
So move, keep moving and your life
Becomes like points on a curve
Each, every one a blazing encounter,
Vibrant in brief glory.

And when the pendulum swings, taking you
Inexorably away, leaving
Your Soul crying out for the loss; when
You see disappearing, receding, the arms of your
Lover, calling, and you
Wonder if, if ever you will come
So close again, so near
Know then, that this is the true Way.

When you leave your friends and all
That their companionship means,
Walking in the night, feel this fear of the immeasurable
Timeless void; saturated in Spiritual strengths
Loneliness tinged with God’s all
Pervading Smile; Angels dancing, dancing,
Always out of reach and sight
Yet ever, ever there.

Neverending loneliness, warmth, coldness, spiritual
Comfort in the Omniscient Void
A smile tinged with a tear, looking forwards, backwards,
Enjoying a Soul’s brief sharing; now here, now gone;
Here, gone; torn away from your
Grasp by the relentless flow of
The World-Stream; life passing before you
Like swift moving film.

So when the starlight blossoms, scented, on
Wild East winds; as the echoes of
friend’s laughter die, die in your ears,
When softly, sadly, slowly comes the silence
Buzzing loud at you, look:
Stare at it, breath it, be it, love it.
Be afraid and rejoice, rejoice; for this is IT, the Tao.
There is nothing more.

November 1987

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