Today, under a clear harvest sky
Where late afternoon Sun turned high
clouds into gold
At Figsbury Ring I looked to God
And gave to Him a love that had
Burned so deep inside.

I looked out over clear, warm, lands
Sucked in the vastness of the sky
And cried for you;
My Soul rejoiced life’s bitter-sweetness,
The keening stir of sadness at losing that
Which I had never had.

Through flames to ashes and dust I released
My hopes and fears to His safekeeping,
To do with as He would;
For the ways of the World are wide,
And many paths and errands come and go;
Who knows what the future brings?

With illusions gone and vision cleared
I walk, once again, the Sunlit Path
Eternally alone;
Yet life is fullness and swings in balance,
My ear in tune with the Cosmic Heartbeat
I pick for you a flower.

So time will pass on from this day,
And the path will lead to strange new lands
Afar from home;
But always, waiting, deep within my heart
Will be a chance to find a track that leads me
Back, to Figsbury Ring.

September 1986

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