What end do life’s errands run
What guides my feet upon what way?
Wither do great friends go when
Darkness comes between & paths divide?

What makes the keening of great friendship
Is peril & fear the only true way?
When other can the quality of life
Shine through this dull monotony.

True Souls! Where are you in this world
keen heart! So will I ever know you?
No pang of bitterness nor pain, or of
Joyfulness is there in all my days.

Where now the warrior, arms shining bright,
Where so, Aragorn, Eomer or Elrond?
Where is the man, true of purpose
Deep meaning to his every move?

Why in the end is there no wonder,
No high purpose by which to live?
All such seems gone now from us,
Gone, all gone, with the passing of the years.

December 1986

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