Freedom Bound

Freedom Bound
Today my heart is freedom bound
Yesterday’s darkness is gone, but not forgotten.
No! Never to forget such pain.

Today I laugh
Yesterday I wept as if forever.
So now I sing and give thanks for the weeping.
For the Understanding it has given.

My sorrow-joy
Is all one in the keening of life.
I walk the path forever alone, yet chance to meet
other travelers upon this dusty road.

God’s all pervading
Love is within; the Wonder of Life
is all about. I share it here and there,
But feel it strongest when on my own.

I look out
Under vast open skies, walk down into
Valleys steeped in adumbral silence. I climb
Rocks by a stream, intent on Oneness.

And when laughter calls,
Beckons of my attention,
I go with joy, glancing back to the hills. I will always
return there, for my Soul is Freedom Bound.

July 1981

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