Destiny calls me
I hear her voice,
Softly whispering
In endless caress.

Into those gaps that occur
In daily life,
Those moments when activity lulls
Into silence
And the whole world stands listening –
Then I hear her alluring song:
Come, come!

The wilds are drawing me
Into their deadly arms,
From whose crooning lullaby I
May never reawaken.
Oblivion and wild sunsets
Haunt me,
Following silently wherever I go.

I turn about, quickly
As if to find revealed
This fallen Angel taunting me;
But She is never there.
I hide in shadows, watch
To see who may pass me by –
It is never Her.

Such wild hammering I feel
Within my heart!
I strain to catch Her immortal song,
Blown on etherial winds.
I implore: let me come to you!
Let me sit at your feet, though
Your indifference makes of me
Your slave.

I would follow you for eternity
Just to catch your fleeting smile
It would sustain me for another aeon
Until again you chance
To look my way.

Thou art my destiny:
I hear thee call my name.


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