Karmic Days Poetry

Karmic days are upon me
                Skirting always the edges of
                                my restless mind
Haunting me like
                Storm-filled skies, carried on
Sultry winds whirling from out the East
Karmic days await me
                Showing future promise
                                of mysteries unknown
Beckoning me on,
                teasing me with hints of
Immortality, of Infinite mind
Karmic nights find me restless
                Watching the eclipsed full moon
                                My ears straining,
voices on the cool night breeze
                Like memories lapping upon
Ancient shores of lands unknown
Karmic dreams beset me
                Troubling my soul with
                                forgotten memories
Of universes I once knew
                Mystic worlds, ethereal palaces
Places that once were home
Karmic days awaken me
                Reminding me of depths I feel
                                but cannot see
Murmuring in half-heard sighs
                Of things that were, and are
And of things that yet may be
And still, I do not know, where lies
                                My destiny
In these, my Karmic days.

September 2006